Drop Hammer Capability

With more than 40 years of experience, IMP Aerostructures is one of the industry’s leading providers of Drop Hammer formed components. With capabilities to form heavy gauge aluminium with minimal thinning, IMP Aerostructures produces parts for some of the industry’s latest aircraft such as the 737MAX and A220.

IMP Aerostructures operates five drop hammer presses ranging from 40 to 120 tons and size capacity up to 72” in length. Today the capability is used to form aluminium and stainless steel sheet material with thicknesses that range from .012” to .125”. IMP Aerostructures can support all design, manufacture and maintenance of the Lead and Kirksite drop hammer dies. Supporting the production of drop hammer products, IMP Aerostructures provides both check and straighten; and part profiling capabilities.

Drop Hammer for Aircraft Component Manufacturing