Performance Based Business

Through the application of tested best practices, continuous improvement, and ERP policies and procedures, IMP Aerostructures is able to deliver excellence using business process measurement in real time.

Aircraft Performance Metrics

Business-Balanced Scorecard

As a metric driven organization, IMP Aerostructures uses a business-balanced scorecard to link the initiatives and objectives of our team members back to the overall objectives of the business, as well as customer feedback.

  • From strategic planning to operational indicators, the management team identifies opportunities for improvement and continuously measures progress
  • The scorecard provides the template for performance objectives across the business
  • Today, the vast, well-developed dashboard of real-time performance indicators make for timely decisions
  • Accessible across the division, production leadership communicates the progress to all employees
  • Quarterly update briefings are provided to all employees and a cafeteria dashboard keeps employees well-informed and engaged

Quality On-Site Inspection and Testing Capabilities

IMP Aerostructures offers a wide range of on-site inspection and testing capabilities, including:

  • Electrical Conductivity Testing
  • Rockwell Hardness Testing
  • DEA & Mitutoyo CMM’s
  • PC-DIMIS, PAS, Discus
  • Special Process Control Lab
  • Material Receipt and Destruct Testing
  • NDT – Liquid Penetrant Inspection
  • NDT – Ultrasonic Inspection