Supply Chain Management

At IMP Aerostructures we recognize that Supply Chain Management is more than just getting parts and services coordinated. We know that a proactive approach to selecting suppliers who understand our business needs and offer tailored solutions will help our customers succeed.

Supply chain management for aircraft compontents

Our Supply Chain Management team’s Mission and Vision are:

Our Supply Chain Management Mission

To ensure parts and services are available as required to support IMP Aerostructures business requirements.

Our Supply Chain Management Vision

Our leadership in supply chain management will ensure a world-class supply base focused on continuous operational improvement and the optimization of total costs which supports IMP Aerostructures business requirements and is aligned with our goal to help our customers succeed.

In delivering the industry standard “Five Rights” we promote the integration of people, process and tools to deliver best-in-class solutions.

Our Goal is to deliver the
Right material and services to the
Right place at the
Right time with the
Right quality for the
Right cost.